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Making one of the largest investments of your life requires secure personal service and loan officers who are dedicated to your needs. When obtaining a home loan in Texas ... Knowledge, Experience, and Service do make a difference. Take the next step towards home ownership and let Blue Sky Mortgage Company guide the way.
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A note from the Owner:

As we celebrate our 20th year at the same place same number. We look back over the years and find that the mortgage business basically has not changed much. Other than we have layers and layers of new regulation and disclosures a mortgage is the same as it was years ago.
We all want to be sure that we get the best rate and terms availible. We all want to match that with our own financial goals.
We all want these with the minimum amount of trouble. Well that's where Blue Sky Mortgage shines!
The reason we are still here is we provide the best communication with our clients during the process that they know they are being looked out for. Questions and concerns are answered quickly. Closings happen in a timley manner.
All this is why we are the most refered by our past clients.
AND we love what we do!!!!!

Lee Porterfield


Rates ?!

Great news is that this year rates have done just the opposite of what most economists predicted. They did not go up and slow home sales.They have started the year low and during much of this year have even dipped lower for a time.
We see this being the trend for the rest of 2019.

Buying or refinancing at these levels will bring plenty of dividends in the future with equity built up faster with these rates.
But remember it is not just the rates that you need to consider. With the rates as they are, look at building wealth through your home or investment property by a shorter term. We offer terms shorter than 30years. At 28/25//22/20/18/15/12/10 year choices we can help you attain the equity and a debt free home quicker than you may think.

All in all choose a lender that you can trust to listen to all of your goals and give you options that benefit you !
Choosing a home can be difficult. We make choosing a lender easy.
see you soon